About Us

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Founded in 2015 alongside the SFU Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), the SFU Science Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ) is a student-led organization that aims to promote undergraduate science research by providing young scientists exposure and recognition for their work through multiple avenues:

  • Our annually published journal encourages students to submit formal research and review articles. The journal offers undergraduates an opportunity to experience the peer-review process and publish their work while learning how to become better writers and science communicators.
  • Our blog aims to provide a hub for more informal science content and news. We publish a series of interviews with different undergraduate researchers with the goal of showcasing the wide range of research opportunities that are available to SFU students.
  • Our annual poster competition is hosted during the fall semester. Students present their work to faculty and graduate student judges for the opportunity to win cash prizes and awards. The poster competition is currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Ultimately, we hope to foster a community of undergraduates who value research while engaging all students in science communication and education. SFU SURJ is meant to act as an educational tool for undergraduate authors and undergraduate editors who wish to gain some first hand experience in the knowledge making process that is scientific research.  

Our editorial team is comprised of a group of dedicated undergraduates from a variety of different scientific disciplines, ranging from mathematics to biology. Our editors volunteer their time to help facilitate the peer-review process, promote our journal, and organize the annual poster competition.

Funding for SFU SURJ has been generously provided by the following sponsors: