We are proud to present Volume 2 of the Simon Fraser University Science Undergraduate Research Journal:

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.15.45 PMClick the photo above to access the digital version of the 2016-17 edition of SFU SURJ

EVENT HIGHLIGHT: A shot from the first annual SFU Science Undergraduate Research Poster Competition on Monday September 25th! Visit us on our Facebook page for more photos!IMG_4673

The idea for an all-encompassing Science Undergraduate Research Journal came about at the end of the Fall 2014 semester, coinciding perfectly with the inception of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), which now provides faculty level representation of science students’ interests at SFU. Since then, one of SUS’ main objectives has been the creation of such a journal, now dubbed SFU SURJ. This student journal will be comprised of an annual physical and digitally circulated journal accompanied by this website serving as a platform for more informal science news, interests articles, and impressive class papers.

Our overarching goal is simple. Promote undergraduate research by providing young scientists exposure and recognition for their work while undergoing a peer review process. Ultimately, we hope to foster a community of undergraduates who value research while engaging all students in science communication and education. SFU SURJ is meant to act as an educational tool for undergraduate authors and undergraduate editors who wish to gain some first hand experience in the knowledge making process that is scientific research.  

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