After graduation, our editors have gone off to do great things in medical school, graduate school and industry.

2018 -2019 Editorial Team

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Are you interested in joining SFU SURJ’s 2018-2019 Editorial Team?

We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in learning more about the peer-review process.

To apply, fill out this application form and email it to sfusurj@sfu.ca with the title “Editor Application 2018/2019.” Please also attach a CV or resume.

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2017 -2018 Editorial Team

The Editorial board consists of 4 Executive Editors, 4 Senior Editors, and 7 Editors

Executive Editors:

Siobhan Ennis


Program: Health Science (Life Science Stream), 5th year
Research Interest: Infectious Diseases, Genetics, Epidemiology
Fun Fact: I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up


Emily Leung


Program: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 3rd year
Research Interest: Catalytic DNA, enzyme kinetics
Fun Fact: I collect instant noodles


Anish Verma


Program: Chemical Physics Honours, Nuclear Science Minor, 5th year
Research Interest: Theoretical nuclear structure, beyond-standard-model particles and their interaction with nuclei
Fun Fact: Before my venture into academia, I was an avid break dancer.


Christine Wang


Program:Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Honours, Biomedical Physiology Minor, 4th year
Research Interest: Immunology in the context of transplant rejection, cancer and wound healing
Fun Fact: I absolutely love to sing, and my most adorable audience member is Harvie (my Shetland Sheepdog) because he just falls asleep.





Senior Editors

Ranjoat Chana


Program: Engineering Science, 3rd Year
Research Interest: Medical Devices and Nano-technologies
Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with anything Batman or Cats


Lucia Lin


Program: Computing Science and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Research Interest: Deep learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computing
Fun Fact: I take a lot of naps


Joanna Pater


Program: Chemistry, 2nd Year
Research Interest: Personality (Psychology) and medicinal chemistry
Fun Fact: I love animals and I have two bunnies


Andrew Pauls


Program and year of Study: Biomedical Physiology, 5th Year
Research Interest: Mitochondrial genetics, cell physiology
Fun Fact: Currently work as an Academic advisor at Student Services.






Komal Adeel


Program: Health Sciences (Life Science Stream), 3rd Year
Research Interest: Immunology and Virology
Fun Fact: I am an INFP and a Type 4 (I love personality tests)


Lexi Gower-Fry


Program: Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 3rd Year
Research Interest: Bio-organic reactions, immunology
Fun Fact: I love running in the rain


Seerit Hara


Program: Health Sciences, 2nd Year
Research Interest: Global Health, Virology, Genetics
Fun Fact: Shameless Bibliophile


Grace Kim


Program: Health Sciences, 2nd Year
Research Interest: Neurobiology (dopamine)
Fun Fact: I have an extensive bucket list and one of the things on that list was to write a bucket list


Olivia Tsai


Program and year of Study: Health Sciences, 3rd Year
Research Interest: Hematology, comparative biochemistry and physiolgoy
Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s been two years since her latest album came out, but I still have it playing on near constant repeat.


Jennifer Yi


Program and year of Study: Health Sciences (Life Sciences Stream), 2nd Year
Research Interest: Genetic Engineering
Fun Fact: Aspires to serve others in healthcare in the local or international community in the future to empower those around her. Also, has three cats, who are the loves of her life.


Judy Yang


Program and year of Study: Chemistry, 3rd Year
Research Interest: Pathology, Laboratory medicine, and public health
Fun Fact: Would love to go to outer space


Past Editors:

Emma Atkinson, Founding Executive Editor



Tomas Rappaport, Founding Executive Editor



Kiera Warren, Founding Executive Editor

*Not pictured


Sean La, Executive Editor



Catherine Cheneval, Senior Editor

Christian Markarian, Senior Editor

Haaris Mahmod, Senior Editor

Lauren Dobischok, Editor

Robert Ehlert, Editor

Ashley Tsang, Graphics Editor

Kirsten Calder-Sutt, Editor

Kate Gibson, Editor

Richard Hoang, Editor

Brian Li, Editor

Jason Li, Editor

Gabby Napoleone, Editor

Wade VanderWal, Editor

Sandy Zhang, Editor