Executive Editors

Siobhan Ennis

Program: Health Science (Life Science Stream)
Research Interests: Infectious Diseases, Genetics, Epidemiology
Fun Fact: I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up

Emily Leung

Program: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 4th year
Research Interests: Catalytic DNA, enzyme kinetics
Fun Fact: I collect instant noodles

Anish Verma

Program: Chemical Physics Honours, Nuclear Science Minor
Research Interests: Theoretical nuclear structure, beyond-standard-model particles and their interaction with nuclei
Fun Fact: Before my venture into academia, I was an avid break dancer.

Olivia Tsai

Program: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 4th year
Research Interests: Hematology, comparative biochemistry and physiolgoy
Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s been two years since her latest album came out, but I still have it playing on near constant repeat.

Senior Editors

Lucia Lin

Program: Computing Science and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Research Interests: Deep learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computing
Fun Fact: I take a lot of naps

Joanna Pater

Program: Chemistry, 3rd year
Research Interests: Personality (Psychology) and medicinal chemistry
Fun Fact: I love animals and I have two bunnies

Komal Adeel

Program: Health Sciences (Life Science Stream), 4th year
Research Interests: Immunology and Virology
Fun Fact: I am an INFP and a Type 4 (I love personality tests)

Seerit Hara

Program: Health Sciences, 3rd Year
Research Interests: Global Health, Virology, Genetics
Fun Fact: Shameless Bibliophile

Junior Editors

Taku Marwendo

Major: Mathematics Honours + Computer Science Minor, 2nd year
Research Interests: Optimization and Computer Algebra
Interesting Fact: I like magic card tricks and have quite a few up my sleeve!

Soheil Saeidiborojeni

Major: Molecular biology and Biochemistry, 3rd year
Fun Fact: I enjoy trying out different hiking trails.

Matthew Nguyen

Major: Computing Science and MBB Joint Major, 4th year
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Bioinformatics
Fun Fact:  I’ve played against a Canadian table tennis olympian. 

Elaine Lam

Major: Kinesiology, 4th year
Fun fact: My eyes are slightly different colors! 

Bader Al-Zeer

Major: Biomedical Physiology, 4th year
Fun fact: I once got bitten by a sea lion.

Jack Zhou

Major: Double Major in Computing Science and Psychology, minor in Mathematics, 3rd year
Interesting Fact: Give me anything remotely looking like a pen and I will spin it but might also drop it, the location at which it lands is uncertain and left as an exercise for the reader.

Past Editors:

Emma Atkinson
Executive Founding Editor
Christine Wang
Executive Editor
Tomas Rappaport
Executive Founding Editor
Sean La
Executive Editor

Jennifer Yi, Senior Editor

Grace Kim, Senior Editor

Ranjoat Chana, Senior Editor

Catherine Cheneval, Senior Editor

Christian Markarian, Senior Editor

Haaris Mahmod, Senior Editor

Lauren Dobischok, Editor

Robert Ehlert, Editor

Kirsten Calder-Sutt, Editor

Kate Gibson, Editor

Lexi Gower-Fry, Editor

Richard Hoang, Editor

Brian Li, Editor

Jason Li, Editor

Gabby Napoleone, Editor

Andrew Pauls, Senior Editor

Wade VanderWal, Editor

Kierra Warren, Executive Founding Editor

Ashley Tsang, Graphics Editor

Judy Yang, Editor

Sandy Zhang, Editor