We have already assembled our editorial team for the 2016-17 cycle, but encourage you consider applying next year!

The editorial board is responsible for publicizing and managing articles. This includes but is not limited to soliciting articles, promoting the journal, conducting editorial evaluations, and collaborating with authors, supervisors and peer-reviewers.

2016 -2017 Editorial Staff

Executive Editors:

Emma Atkinson, Biological Sciences

Program and year of Study: 4th year, Biological Sciences
Research Interest: Marine ecology, behavioural ecology, fisheries management, evolutionary ecology.
Fun Fact: I love SCUBA diving and horse riding! Not at the same time…



Sean La, Mathematics

Program and year of Study:Mathematics, Third Year
Research Interests: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Economics, Natural Language Processing
Fun Fact: I can solve a rubik’s cube in a minute



Tomas Rapaport, Health Sciences



Christine Wang, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Biomedical Physiology

Program and year of Study: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Minor in Biomedical Physiology, Third Year
Research Interest: Immunology, Infectious Diseases
Fun Fact: I used to be a Varsity rower. My perfect afternoon involves going for a run with my Sheltie- Harvie.



Senior Editors:

Catherine Cheneval, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Program and Year of Study: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Fourth Year
Research Interest: Immunological mechanisms underlying gluten-sensitive enteropathy
Fun Fact: I am a Swiss citizen



Siobhan Ennis, Health Sciences

Program and Year of Study: Health Sciences- Life Science, 4th year
Research Interest:Molecular Epidemiology, Genetics
Fun Fact: Has been singing in a choir for 14 years, yet has a fear of singing in public



Christian Markarian, Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

*Not pictured


Haaris Mahmod, Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Program and Year of Study:Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology
Research Interest: Neurological Disorders
Fun Fact: I’ve ran a marathon before. Don’t make the same mistake


Lucy Lin, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Computing Science

Program and Year of Study: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Computing Science Joint Major, 3rd Year
Research Interest: I’m interested in baking, android programming, art, and music.




Ranjoat Chana, Engineering

Program and year of Study: Engineering Science, 3rd year
Research Interest: Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, renewable energy
Fun Fact: Reading, writing, drafting and design



Lauren Dobischok, Health Sciences

Program and year of Study: Health Science, Second Year
Research Interest:Genetics, stem cells, public health
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother (we don’t have telepathy unfortunately).


Robert Ehlert, Geography



Emily Leung, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Chemistry

Program and year of Study:Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Research Interest: DNAzymes
Fun Fact:I collect instant noodles



Joanna Pater, Chemistry

Program and year of Study: Chemistry, Year 1
Research Interest: Medicinal Chemistry, immunology, genetics
Fun Fact: I have synesthesia, meaning I see letters and numbers in colour.Joanna_edited


Andrew Pauls, Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Program and year of Study:Biomedical Physiology, 4th Year
Research Interest:Mitochondrial genetics, cell physiology
Fun Fact: Currently work as an Academic advisor at Student Services.



Anish Verma, Physics/Chemistry

Program and year of Study:Chemical Physics Honours, Minor in Nuclear Science, year 4
Research Interest: Nuclear deformation and the roles of different degrees of freedom in nuclear structure.
Fun Fact: One of my biggest passions is exploring new music while besting my personal bests in running.



Graphics Editor:

Ashley Tsang, Interactive Arts & Technology